Wednesday, November 7, 2007

More about the Mocha Punch

I know, some of your are in shock. Two posts in one week! I wanted to finish something I had started telling you about in the last post. Through one of my favorite blogs I found out about Google Reader. It's for people like you who read blogspot blogs but get tired of checking every week only to be disappointed that the person who writes the blog is too lazy to think up something to post (like me). What you do is you go to and make a list of all the blogspots you like to read (it only works with blogspots). Then the next time you get online, after you check your email you only have to go to Google Reader where you can see instantly whether or not your friend has posted anything that day. Pretty cool and it saves you some time as well.

Well, on to the Mocha Punch. After the open house where I served the punch I put the leftovers in my jug and brought it home just to see if it was any good left over. I thought if nothing else I could throw some in the blender with some ice. Well, Monday morning I took the kids to school then came home to crash on the couch with a cup of punch and a movie to enjoy some peace and quiet after an insanely busy weekend. You know those bottles of Starbucks Frappaccino you can buy from the cooler at the grocery store? This stuff puts that to shame. It's thicker and creamer and I didn't have to do anything to it. I haven't tried it yet, but tomorrow I am going to half the recipe and see how it turns out. I would also like to try it with nonfat frozen yogurt. I'm not brave enough to use Splenda or sugar free Quick, but that is also an option. I'm also going to have to get some decaf instant coffee because my boys loved it. While I'm not very strict on what they eat, they already have more energy in one day than I do in a week.

Let me know if you have any recipe requests. Right now I'm stuck in a "30 ways with rotisserie chicken" rut. My family would love it if you would help me get out of it. (It's great in a quesadilla, by the way.)


Allison W said...

Hey, I did the apple cider punch the other night for a party and it rocked... but should I be shocked? As for your rut, how about some soups or chilli or something? Love ya!

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